Sunil Maulik

Expert in Digital Healthcare (USA)
Sunil Maulik is an investor and advisor and has over twenty years of experience in Silicon Valley. He has co-founded three companies (PeoplePower, an energy analytics company, 500Friends, a social e-commerce analytics company, and GeneEd, a provider of healthcare e-learning). In addition, he has held senior sales and management positions at Pangea Systems, Tripos, Hoffmann-La Roche, Oxford Molecular and IntelliGenetics.   Sunil’s research on mathematical methods for 3-D image reconstruction was published on the cover of the journal Nature. His book “Molecular Biotechnology” (J. Wiley & Sons) sold over 4000 copies and has been used in four university courses. He holds patents in gene pattern-matching, e-learning and e-mail analytics. He was winner (in conjunction with John Teeter and Gene Wang) of a $1.45MM SBIR grant from the DoE (2009), and with Banny Banerjee of the Stanford D-School, a GE “Ecomagination” award (2010).
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