Self-counselling through Immersive Virtual Reality
ConVRself is changing the way you work through your challenges. See and hear yourself explain your problems from a third person perspective, and give yourself valuable advice as Freud, Steve Jobs or Michelle Obama.

How does ConVRself work?

Choose your avatars

Select a 'self' avatar, who could even be your own personalised 3D scanned avatar. Next, select a 'counsellor' avatar. Choose from a range of famous personalities, including Sigmund Freud, Steve Jobs , or even Michelle Obama.

Explain your problem

Embodied as yourself, you explain your problem to the counsellor.

Switch perspectives

Once you're done explaining, you switch perspectives and become your own counsellor. You will see and hear yourself talk about the problem. You get to listen to it from an outsider's perspective, as if talking to a friend.

Give advice

Listen to yourself, and then give yourself advice on how to tackle the problem, as if you were giving advice to a friend.

Switch back

Now, you're back in your own avatar, and you hear the counsellor give advice to you. Keep repeating this and have a conversation with yourself as long as you like!

Key Benefits

Breakthrough in self-counselling
Helps in tackling a range of mental health issues
The perfect tool for overcoming mental blocks in professional and personal settings
Innovative tool for the therapist
Makes the roleplay therapy method extremely easy and immersive
Aids creative thinking, brainstorming and perspective taking
Engaging and fun experience
Easy to set up and use for the therapist and the patient


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An experimental study of a virtual reality counselling paradigm using embodied self-dialogue
M. Slater, S. Neyret, T. Johnston, G. Iruretagoyena, M. A. de la Campa Crespo, M. Alabèrnia-Segura, B. Spanlang & G. Feixas

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 836707. EIT Health is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union.