Use virtual reality for a change

Digital Catapult

Virtual Reality is going to change how we view films, how we explore our environment and how we train medical practitioners, all of which is destined to improve the quality of our lives. How VR is set to change the world is something that, incredibly, was recognised in an ABC News Report from as far back as 1991.

There are several things to note about this. First, it is familiar – it reflects very much what is being said today, that virtual reality is going to “change the world”, that it is a new technology with a huge promise, and, that there is massive excitement about it. Second, people think that VR back in 1991 was really bad. Truth is it wasn’t and still isn’t. It was though really very expensive and highly inaccessible to the mass of people. It was confined to a few well-off research labs around the world, and also only had a place in industry.

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