Virtual Reality: Virtual Embodiment

Digital Catapult

When you open your eyes you become aware of a visual field of about 180° horizontally and 135° vertically. As you move your eyes, head and body around, what you see changes. You see a collection of objects that in most normal circumstances coheres into a scene that has some meaning for you. For instance, if you see grass, trees, flowers, people, dogs, people riding bikes, you may interpret your location as a park.

As you become aware of sounds, you can turn your head around to hear them more distinctly. You reach out to touch an object you can see, or accidentally feel a bump caused by colliding with an object you didn’t see. All of this is completely normal and you don’t think twice about it. You are where you expect to be, you remember the personal circumstances that brought you to that place, and you have at least a rough plan about where you will be going afterwards. It has been this way throughout your whole conscious life, so much so that you have never even thought about this curious set of circumstances: that you are somewhere.

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